Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seducing Her Rival by Seleste deLaney

The Spark

In romance novels, one of the tried and true moments is when the hero and heroine (hero/hero, heroine/heroine, whatever multiple combo is involved…) meet and there’s that spark. That moment when they look at each other or touch and it’s like the world stops. For non-romance readers, it’s one of the things they like to poke fun at.

I used to be one of those people.

You see, I read romances back in Junior High. Then I moved on to Stephen King. And horror was my path back to fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal. I looked at romance novels as fairy tales for grown ups.

*Hangs head in shame*

I came to my senses eventually, but I still feel guilt over the years I spent as one of those people. But, I still wasn’t sure about the whole “spark” thing. I mean, I’ve been married, and I had a fair number of boyfriends before that. But the spark? My experiences were limited. I think I had it once. With a guy I couldn’t have seeing as he was in a relationship with one of my best friends. (Run away, Seleste! Run away!) But even that one, I wasn’t sure about. Was it live or was it Memorex?  (And if you don’t get that, just ignore it. Please don’t make me feel old.)

Then I met this guy.  Actually, I didn’t even meet him when I felt this. We just met each others’ eyes across the room at an event. But I felt something. (There’s a line in Seducing Her Rival about magnetic attraction. That. There was a whole lot of that.)

For the life of me, I couldn’t have told you what exactly drew me to him. Then we talked—what I figured would be the quick extinguishing of the “spark.” But it wasn’t. I only became more attracted to him.

Of course, life has a funny way of mirroring fiction. There’s another moment in romance novels where the heroine (sometimes the hero, but it’s usually the heroine) gets exactly what she said she wanted… only to discover it wasn’t what she wanted at all.

So, yeah. The spark is real, and when it’s real it’s undeniable. However, the other plot devices are real too.

How does this story end? No idea. But to paraphrase Peter Pan, To live it will be a great adventure.

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About Seducing Her Rival:

She’s trapped with a man she hates…and can’t resist.
Mercedes boards a cruise frequented by investors with one goal: garner donations for the children’s charity she works for. The man who knocks her off her feet is not part of the plan. Sexy as sin and richer than God, Lucas sets off alarm bells in her head. But then he invites her to join him at the captain’s table to pitch her charity for an onboard fundraiser, and she decides Lucas might not be as bad as she thought.
Lucas is drawn to Mercedes’s spirit—and the fact she doesn’t recognize him. One scintillating night leads to another, but the afterglow is shattered when an early morning phone call reveals his identity as the man whose company is closing on the same property her charity needs.
Feeling betrayed, Mercedes storms out, but Lucas isn’t one to give up when something feels this right. And as much as she fights it, Mercedes can’t stay away from Lucas. But which one of them will seducing the enemy into surrendering?

(Please Note: I was supposed to review this book for the tour, but it was a dnf for me, so I would rather just spotlight it.)


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  1. I've felt the spark. When I was in grade 10. We were preparing for our final drama performance of the season. I was hooking up a stage light, and one of my fellow classmates walked in. The light was in my eyes, so I couldn't see him clearly, but all of a sudden, there was like music in the air, and fairies dancing. It was very strange. This turned into a 3 year long crush.

    How did my story end? In marriage. Yep, I married the boy glowing in the stage lights. :D

    I also want to mention that the Rafflecopter box up there says I have completed all the tasks listed, even though I haven't entered here. Very strange.

  2. I love Seleste's writing style, I have this downloaded and ready to read on my ipad. Can't wait to dive in.

  3. I've never felt the spark. I always find it hard to believe in books that you can make eye contact with someone across a room and feel something.
    Even after my (now) husband and I seemed to click immediately when we started chatting online, there still wasn't an immediate attraction (at least not for me) when we eventually met.

  4. Nice story, Seleste! I have never felt the spark either, but I'm an eternal optimist who believes it exists anyway. Congrats on the new release. I just bought my copy!

  5. I felt the spark once. In high school. I can remember every detail of that moment, and how much it hurt when, two years later, his family moved away and we lost touch. Thanks to the internet, we're "friends" again, but whatever was there is long gone. My husband was a slow burning flame, that began as friendship and grew into something more.

    Congrats on the release. I'm looking forward to reading it!

  6. I'm a big believer in the spark. But then, I still believe in HEAs. Of course in the real world, that still means the roof leaks, the kids fail classes, and the car breaks down.

  7. I've felt the least once. :D
    Also, I LOVED Seducing Her Rival. If you haven't read it, you should!!!

  8. This book sounds good will have to put it on my TBR list. Great giveaway thanks