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Blog Tour and Review: The Mystic Wolves by Belinda Boring

What would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist, turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predator?  Someone is trying to send a deadly message to Mason, arranging the deaths of those he loves and it puts the entire pack and Alpha on high alert. Darcy understands the primal instincts driving her beloved Mason's commands. 
With the help of those he sets as protectors, she learns about herself and the things she'll need to help support her Alpha and pack. When events turn dire however, one truth offers her strength - once given, oaths are unbreakable ... even if it means risking it all.

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About the Author

A homesick Aussie living amongst the cactus and mountains of Arizona, Belinda Boring is a self-proclaimed addict of romance and all things swoon worthy. It wasn't long before she began writing, pouring her imagination and creativity into the stories she dreams. Whether urban fantasy, paranormal romance or romance in general, Belinda strives to share great plots with heart and characters that you can't help but connect with. Of course, she wouldn't be Belinda without adding heroes she hopes will curl your toes. Surrounded by a supportive cast of family, friends, and the man she gives her heart and soul to, Belinda is living the good life. Happy reading!        

Excerpt One:

“Life doesn’t always go as we expect it to. Even with the most marvelous of powers, we’re helpless against what’s written in the stars. Whether you believe in fate, or free will, there’s always some kind of plan, some intricate design which governs over us and keeps the balance. Even when that balance is threatened, tearing us away from those we love, we must continue to trust there is a purpose, and hold on tightly to those who still walk with us.”
“The humans have an interesting saying—there is a time and a season for everything. As supernatural beings, we also hold this belief true. Just as we rejoice in the blessings brought with each new life, we also mourn when one is extinguished. It’s particularly hard when death comes beckoning early, or without reason, but I would share with you this—don’t let grief weigh you down so much that you lose your way on the path. Feel what you will. Cry your tears, but always remember, even in the darkest of times there is hope. Remember those who have passed on and show your gratitude for them by continuing to live in a way that honors them. That way no life is ever wasted. Each life is revered and cherished.”

Excerpt Two:
I walked out into my bedroom to find a very large, very amused looking, vampire enforcer sprawled across my bed. His rich chuckle charged the air as he began to read out aloud from my romance novel.
“Oh, Bradley, you’re so strong. However will I live without you? Kiss me … kiss me now and I’ll be forever yours. I’m all a tremble waiting for you, my darling.” His high pitched attempt at sounding like a female made me forget for a moment to yell at him for teasing and I busted up laughing, my hand covering my mouth.
“Felicity. I’m so glad you’ve noticed my manliness. Please, touch me. Touch my ….” I watched him flip the book closed, taking a quick look at the cover, and he reopened to the spot his finger marked, “hard muscles and long flowing hair.” He snorted, clearly finding it funny and returned the book to its rightful spot.
“Please tell me you don’t enjoy that?” He looked at me incredulously, patting the space beside him on the bed as an invitation for me to come sit. “That was cheesy, and it’ll turn your brain to rot.”
“Hey, don’t mock my romance book, and you know that’s not what it says either. Go ahead and laugh, but you don’t know what you’re missing!” I flopped myself down, slapping him for good measure on his leg. “I’m sure it’s more fascinating than what you read, Mr. I’m-A-Broody-Vampire. Probably something heavy and extremely tragic.” I rolled my eyes at him, mocking him right back.
“You think you’re so funny. For your information, I just finished a murder mystery. It was quite entertaining.”
“Really?” I turned my head to look at him. He didn’t come across as someone who’d be interested in the genre, or any for that matter.
“No. I don’t have time for such luxuries, but if I did, it wouldn’t be something with the title “Surrendering to the Mistress of Promises.” He eyed the book again.
“I’ll let you borrow it when I’m done. It’ll be our little secret.”

Excerpt Three:

The day she called, she was excited about a man she’d met who she thought would be perfect for me.
“It’s like he stepped out of one of those books you love so much,” she chattered over the phone. “Surely you won’t find fault with him as well. Just wait until you meet him.” She continued to prattle on and I tuned her out.
I couldn’t help but groan. One thing I loathed was blind dates because they were just so painfully awkward. There was the overwhelming need to fill every moment with something so we wouldn’t spend the entire date in unbearable silence. Trying to think of a way to break it to the guy gently when it was obvious to me, it just wouldn’t work.
I was already beginning to think of how I could wheedle my way out of this meeting when the doorbell rang.
“Tell me you didn’t, Mother,” I interrupted. I had no doubt she knew what I was talking about. The woman had the ears of a hawk and would undoubtedly have heard the chimes.
“Just do this for me. I want grand babies, Darcy. Wear something pretty with your hair up. Men like that.” I swear she was oblivious to how uncomfortable these meetings made me.
“Can you at least tell me what his name is?” I asked before I went to my doom.
“His name is Mason. Mason O’Connor. Be nice to him or so help me I’ll ….” I cut her off mid rant as I quickly said goodbye and hung up. I’d heard her threats so many times I could rehearse them verbatim in my sleep.
The door chime rang again.
“Let’s go see who the lucky contestant is,” I grumbled under my breath. I swung the door open and was floored by the battering of emotions that hit me with such a force I staggered. I would’ve fallen if Mason hadn’t reached out and grabbed hold of my arm.
“Already falling for me?” He chuckled, his eyes never leaving my face, his stare devouring.
Any other time I would’ve felt uncomfortable being under such intense scrutiny, but the look of hunger and triumph made my skin tingle and my breath hitched.
It was him. Don’t ask me how or why, I wasn’t a big believer in Fate, but standing before me, in all his glory was the guy from my dream. My wolf howled as she also recognized what it meant. Ours, she bayed over and over, stirring my insides into a frenzy.

Excerpt Four:

I peered around Mason’s body and grinned at Daniel. “Hey.”
A look of concern and compassion replaced the previous cockiness. “Hey, sweetheart. You doing okay? You sure did scare us.” That seemed to be the general consensus and I nodded, indicating I was fine.
“Good. I don’t ever want to arrive on a scene and see that again, do you hear me? No more going off by yourself.” Daniel noted the look Mason gave him and chuckled again, “Looks like Our Most Excellent and Noble One has already covered that and moved onto the punishing phase.”
“Is there a reason why you’re still here?” Impatience was beginning to creep into Mason’s voice. I wasn’t helping matters either as I begun to nudge my lips against his neck, placing soft kisses.
“There is, my most Beloved Benefactor.”
I couldn’t help it. Laughter exploded out of my mouth and I threw my head back in mirth.
“What the heck is going on? Liege? Beloved Benefactor? Royal Eminence? Since when do people address you like that, Mason? Or should I say Most Magnificent Master?”
Mason dragged me away from resting on the wall quick enough to swat my behind with his hand. “Enough! Don’t encourage him, Darcy. Daniel has gotten it into his head I’m not being paid enough respect as the Alpha and is trying to instill in the younger pack members the importance of titles. I can’t turn around without someone bowing or spouting off some crazy name. Nothing I’ve done can convince them it’s not necessary. It’s driving me insane.” He puffed out a quick breath in frustration.
“Which is why I will continue,” Daniel interrupted, ducking as another piece of my furniture went flying. Mason rolled his eyes and grinned before turning back to look at his friend.

Excerpt Five:

“My, you really are a big, bad wolf.” I sighed when we finally pulled apart. My body felt completely languid, relaxed under his masterful touch and attention.
“Of course, nothing but the best for you, baby,” Mason punctuated his statement with another quick kiss. I loved seeing this side of him—the fierce and protective warrior, the determined and passionate lover.
I couldn’t help myself as I reached out to feel his face again. I caressed his cheek, running my fingers through his hair, knowing I wore a goofy smile as I did.
“So, is this where I say, “Oh, what big eyes you have,” Mr. Big, Bad Wolf?”
Mischief lit his stare and a devious smirk covered his lips. “Only if you want to hear, “All the better to see you with, my dear.” He made a point to sweep a knowing look over me before returning back to my gaze.
“I would then feel compelled to add, “Oh, what big ears you have.”
“All the better to hear you with, Darcy.” Mason played along, lowering his voice to a seductive whisper.
I brushed my finger over his bottom lip, eliciting a quick snap of his teeth. “Oh, what big teeth you have.” It came out breathless with anticipation, and I felt my body tense.
He paused, cocking his head to the side. He knew the next line, what he was meant to say, but nothing came. Hunger bore into me, desire coming off him in waves. I waited for him to finish—to ravish me. Instead, with a look I couldn’t quite decipher, he pulled back and rose to his feet.
What the heck is he doing?
Confused, I watched Mason look around the room. With a slight nod, he finally moved, scooping me up in his arms before plastering me against the closest wall.
“All the better to eat you with, my dear, and this looks like the ideal place for a sample.” With his left hand placed firmly by my head and his right secured around my waist, he bent slightly and nibbled at my mouth. Gentle brushes of his lips teased me back and forth and left me wanting more.
“Hmmm, this won’t do at all.” I felt myself being hoisted up, my legs wrapping easily around his waist. With my arms around his neck, I was pressed snuggly against him, my body beginning to melt into his.
Mason tugged at my hair, giving him better access to my mouth and neck. He leaned down, burying his face below my ear and took in a deep, long breath. “Yes, this is much better.”

My Thoughts So Far:

I am just getting into this series and let me tell you, I'm really liking what I've read so far. Mason is the ultimate alpha male, but he's also fun and flirty and you can tell he really loves his pack and will do anything for them. He takes care of his own and makes you wish you were under pack rules. And Darcy is sweet, but not a pushover. She may be playful at times, but she stands up for her friends and won't take any crap. Since I'm still reading this series, I'm going to leave it at this for now, but I will return with updates on all of the books I read. Stay tuned!

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