Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Undeclared by Jen Frederick


For four years, Grace Sullivan wrote to a Marine she never met, and fell in love. But when his deployment ended, so did the letters. Ever since that day, Grace has been coasting, academically and emotionally. The one thing she’s decided? No way is Noah Jackson — or any man — ever going to break her heart again.

Noah has always known exactly what he wants out of life. Success. Stability. Control. That’s why he joined the Marines and that’s why he’s fighting his way — literally — through college. Now that he’s got the rest of his life on track, he has one last conquest: Grace Sullivan. But since he was the one who stopped writing, he knows that winning her back will be his biggest battle yet.

My Thoughts:

What can I say about this book? I don't even know where to begin because there was so much goodness in it. Let's start with the characters. Grace and Noah were just so sweet together, it broke my heart when they were having troubles. You can tell by the way they communicated with each other over the years via letters that these two share a special bond and you really want them to be together. And then when they finally meet and things don't go quite as either one of them imagined, you cringe and wonder if they're ever going to be able to overcome their issues enough to be together. At least I know I did. Throughout the whole book, I was really pulling for them and wishing they could just get it together so they could be together, so the reward at the end was well worth the angst I had to go through to get there. This book is also populated with several characters that all deserve their own book, led by Bo Randolph - sigh.

Another thing I loved about this book was the premise. I loved the idea of a girl writing to a soldier, just to let him know that there were people out there that really cared about him and appreciated the sacrifices he was making in order to defend our safety. And I especially loved the idea of her meeting him in person and getting the chance to make her dreams of being with him come true. This story was chock full of ups, downs, and crazy in-betweens with characters that will feel like your own friends by the time you're finished reading this book. It's a great start to what promises to be a wonderful series. Highly recommended - go read this book today!

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