Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: The Three Month Plan by Kimberley Patterson

Kelly Callahan had everything going for her. Everything that is, except for a relationship. It wasn’t for the lack of trying, it just seemed like she was a magnet for all the wrong ones. But all of that was about to change the minute she laid eyes on Jake.
On a dare from her close friend, Michelle, Kelly accepts a challenge to date and become Jake’s girlfriend within three months. The consequence of losing is global humiliation, and she refuses to lose.
Enlisting the help of her childhood friend and confidant, Brian, Kelly manages to catch Jake's attention. She also unknowingly hooks Brian who tries to sabotage the plan. Kelly finds herself with a dilemma; take the final step with Jake and win the plan or follow her heart and reveal her feelings for Brian.
(From the Author's Website)

My Thoughts:
This seemed like a good premise when I read the blurb, so I was eager to read the book. But as I got into it, I couldn't help but to feel that I've read this story before, in a different book. Unfortunately for this book, the other one did it better. There was just something about this that didn't ring true. Maybe it was the fact that Kelly lived on her own at eighteen without a job (I think her parents paid for her apartment) and yet she still acted like a high schooler. Plus, there was just something about her that rubbed me the wrong way, so I never really connected to her. As a result, it was beyond difficult to get lost in her story and want to continue reading on. This was a dnf for me.

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