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Book Blitz and Giveaway: Needing Her by Allie Everhart

Needing Her by Allie Everhart
(The Kensingtons #1)
Publication date: June 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


Pearce Kensington. Age 25. Billionaire. Graduate of the Ivy League. Future CEO. Member of a powerful secret society.
His life is complicated. Dark. Lonely. Dangerous. So when he meets Rachel, a kind, sweet, beautiful grad student, he tells himself to stay away. He’s no good for her. And yet, she’s good for him. A ray of light in his very dark world.
She’s everything he’s ever wanted but didn’t think he could have. But being with her will bringher into his world. A world she doesn’t belong in. A world he wants to escape. A world he’ll have to hide from her in order to keep her safe.
He should let her go. But he can’t. He loves her. He needs her. So he’ll risk everything to be with her.

Excerpt 1
Pearce's POV
We ride the elevator to the top floor, which can only be accessed by a security code. The elevator opens right into my loft apartment, which takes up the entire top floor of the building. 
“Is this your place?” Rachel asks.
“This is it.”
She steps into the living room. “It’s huge. Look at all this space.”
“I’m a big guy. I need a lot of space.”
She walks into the kitchen. “I like the open layout. I like how the kitchen and living room are all one big room.”
The kitchen and living room make up the middle of the loft. Then off to one side, down the hall, there are two bedrooms, one of which I use as an office. On the other end of the loft, just off the kitchen, is the master bedroom. The bedroom door is placed so that I can see the elevator and living room from my bed. I had it built that way so that if someone’s in there, trying to rob me or attack me, I’ll see them coming. I keep a gun in my nightstand just in case.
We’re in the kitchen and I go over to the refrigerated glass case that holds an assortment of beverages. “Would you like something to drink?”
“Just water is fine.”
“I have several kinds of water in here. You have to be more specific. Or just pick one.”
She comes over and takes out a bottle of citrus flavored water. I grab a plain water for myself. I don’t buy any of this. The cleaning staff stocks it for me.
We’re both standing by the counter, holding our waters. I take a sip of mine and she drinks some of hers. Our eyes meet and I feel it again. The tension that’s been hovering between us all night. Pure, raw sexual tension that’s stronger than I’ve ever felt before.
I step closer to her, setting my water on the counter behind her. I take her water and set it next to mine. I shouldn’t do this. Doing this will only move this relationship forward, taking it to a place I said I wouldn’t go. But God, I want it. I want it so bad. I want her, and not just sexually. I want her in my life. I want this to go somewhere. Someplace real. For the first time in my life, I want a real relationship and I want it with her. Maybe it won’t work out, but I at least want to try.
Our bodies are just inches apart, our eyes locked on each other, the sexual tension ready to burst. I don’t know what the hell I’m waiting for.
I haul her into me, my other hand buried in her hair as I crash my lips to hers. I wanted our first time together to be slow and gentle, but we’re way past that point. Slow and gentle will have to wait until later.

Excerpt 2
Rachel's POV
I pop up from my chair and go around the desk. “Welcome to the museum.”
He smiles. “Thank you. You weren’t kidding. It’s very small.”
“It’s good to see you again.” I hug him but he just stands there, rigid, his arms at his side. Oh, God, this is awkward. Why did I hug him? Shelby’s right. I need to get control of the hugging thing.
I release him and step back, my cheeks heating up. “Sorry. I kind of have a hugging problem.”
He’s still smiling. “It’s not a problem. It’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting it. I’m not used to people hugging me.”
“You’re not?”
“No. I honestly can’t remember the last time someone hugged me. Childhood, maybe?”
“Are you serious?” He doesn’t answer so I say, “Well, that’s just wrong. Of course, this is coming from someone who hugs everyone. Even the mailman. Even people I don’t know. Anyway, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”
“You didn’t make me uncomfortable.” He motions me toward him. “Come here. Let’s do it right this time.”
I step forward and hug him again. This time, he hugs me back. For someone who doesn’t hug much, he’s pretty good.
When he lets go, I say, “Next time, maybe do it a little tighter.”
He laughs. “Did you just critique my hug?”
“No, I’m just making a suggestion. It’s strictly personal preference. I tend to like a tight hug.”
“The few hugs I’ve had have been very distant hugs, limited to the upper body only. So to me, that was a tight hug.”
“Okay, well, ready to start the tour?” I walk over to the first display.
“Get back over here.”
I look at him confused. “Why?”
“Because I don’t like not being good at things. I need to do the hug again.”
I’m trying not to laugh because this is really funny. He’s taking this so seriously. But it’s fine with me. I’ll take another hug. I like being in his arms.
I hug him again and this time he hugs me tighter. It’s almost perfect, but then he lets go.
“How was that?” he asks.
“It was good.” I take his hand and lead him over to the display case. “But next time, don’t let go so soon. Let me, or whatever girl you’re hugging, let go first, and then you can let go.”
“I wasn’t aware there were so many rules to hugging.” He leans down and talks in my ear. “And just so we’re clear, the only woman I’ll be hugging is you.”

Excerpt 3
Rachel's POV
“Um, Pearce?” I yell out the shower door. 
“Yes,” I hear him say from the bedroom.
“How do you turn the shower on?”
“I’ll show you. Can I come in?”
He comes in the bathroom and into the large walk-in shower, keeping his eyes on the tile wall and not my naked body. He puts his hand on one of the levers. “This one turns it on and this one adjusts the water temperature.” He points to one of the knobs. “If you want to adjust the shower heads, just turn this left or right. Each one has three settings.”
“Thank you.”
He smiles as he looks me up and down. “You’re very welcome.”
“Hey.” I swat at him. “You’re not supposed to look.”
“You didn’t make that clear when you invited me in here.”
“I didn’t invite you. I just asked for your help.”
“And I gave it to you.” He leans down and puts his lips to mine for a very slow, very sexy, very deliberate kiss.
He’s testing my will power. I’m naked. He’s in a towel. We’re in a shower. And his kiss is burning up my insides.
He stops suddenly and steps back out into the bathroom. “Mind if I shave while you’re in there?”
“Um, no, go ahead,” I say, stumbling on my words, my brain not fully functioning after that kiss. I start the water and adjust the temperature. Through the glass shower door, I see Pearce lathering up his face with shaving cream.
In the mirror, he catches me watching him and smiles, “How’s the shower?”
“It’s great.” I turn a little so that all three shower heads are raining down on me. “Actually, it’s pure heaven. So much better than mine. I’d love to have this shower.”
“You could if you lived here.”
I wipe the water from my eyes and see him running the razor over his face.
I decide to humor him. “How much is the rent?”
“How much do you pay for your current place?”
“Five hundred a month, plus utilities.”
“The rent here is only a hundred a month, utilities included.”
“Wow. That’s a bargain. But I’d have to drive a half hour to class every day. That’s a lot of gas money.”
“Even with gas, it’s still cheaper than your current place.”
“That’s true.” I close my eyes as the water runs over my face.
“So what do you think?”
I hear his voice right in front of me. I open my eyes and there he is. No towel this time. Just him. Freshly shaved and looking completely irresistible.
“I need to think about it,” I say, feeling breathless as my heart races in my chest.
He stands there, giving me an extremely sexy smile. I can’t take my eyes off him. I try, but I can’t. His body is amazing. I know he works out, but I’d like to know what kind of workout gets results like that. His body is hard. Solid. His muscles chiseled. I’m heating up even more just looking at him.
He steps closer, slipping his arm around my waist as he leans down and talks in my ear. “Would you like me to leave?” He trails soft, warm kisses along my neck as the water flows over us.
My eyes fall shut again as I shake my head, unable to respond verbally. I’m too focused on how good this feels. How turned on he makes me. How desperate I am for this to continue.
I feel his lips over mine as his hand slowly travels down my spine, just like when he gave me that massage last night, only this time there’s no waistband to stop him and his hand keeps going, skimming over my hip and my backside. His other hand moves behind my neck, holding me in place as his kiss goes deeper. My body’s on fire, exploding with sensations, which only intensify when his hand slips between my legs. He shows off his talent in this area once again, and moments later, I’m coming undone, finding it hard to remain standing as waves of pleasure roll through me.
His hand returns to my waist, holding me up. “Rachel.”
I open my eyes and see him looking at me. “Yes.”
“How well do you know me?”
I smile. “Well enough.” 

I’m still recovering from what he did to me, my body ultra sensitive to his touch. But I’m ready for more. I’ve held out long enough. I want this. I want this so bad.



Allie Everhart writes books about dating, love, and romance. She’s also a freelance health writer for magazines and websites. She loves to read as much as she loves to write. And when she’s not reading or writing, she’s outside running, which is when she gets her best book ideas.

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