Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cover Reveal: Shatter by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott

Maverick trauma surgeon Ashton “Snow” Frost keeps the world at a distance, relying only on his three closest friends to keep him connected. But when a ghost from their past returns to Cincinnati, Snow stands to lose everyone he loves. Framed for murder and reeling from attacks on his friends, Snow is pushed to his breaking point.
Jude Torres won’t let the doc shatter. The paramedic has been attracted to the doctor since he first laid eyes on him at the hospital, even if the arrogant, solitary man doesn’t fit into any of his plans. One hot, reckless kiss shows that Snow isn’t who he appears to be. And one night together will never be enough. Jude will fight for the doc.
Fight to keep him whole. Fight to keep him safe. Fight to simply keep him.
Unbreakable Bonds.

Another Snippet. Caution! Contains Four-Letter Words:

Footsteps crunched through the gravel sprinkled across the blacktop. He looked up and watched Snow stride toward him. His hair shone in the light of the street lamps, the gray streaks stark, and his long dark coat made him look longer and leaner than the white coat Jude was used to seeing him wear. His arrogant detachment was fully back, a darker cloak that wrapped him in what he probably thought was invisible armor. Jude could see every inch of it. Just as he now knew to look for that hint of uncertainty he’d glimpsed earlier.
He didn’t give a shit about the walls this man slapped up between them. He wanted him in a way that changed everything. He didn’t know why, didn’t understand, but he had every intention of cracking the puzzle.
Snow held up a hand. “Look, Torres—”
“Shut up, general.” Jude took a quick glance around the parking lot, which was thankfully empty now. He grabbed the lapels of Snow’s coat, turned and pressed the man’s back to his car.
“What the fuck?”
            Jude cut him off by pressing his mouth to Snow’s and murmuring against his lips. “I said… shut up.” This time, he was wide awake and knew where he was. That glimpse of uncertainty earlier, that brief hesitancy, had made him see something receptive in Snow—something that brought Jude’s protective caveman instincts to the surface. 

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