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Release Blitz: Dr. Stanton by T L Swan

Title: Dr. Stanton
Author: T L Swan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2017


If happiness is a gift.
Then Cameron Stanton is my Santa Claus.

I can’t tell you the exact moment I fell in love with him.
Only that I did.
With every glance, every touch, every minute…. he stole a little more of me.

They say that all men are created equal.
Well that’s a blatant lie!

I know because I met Gods gift to women in Vegas,
I pretended he was my husband to get rid of another man.

He took our fake marriage seriously and it became his personal goal to consummate.
He spoke to me in French and I lied to him in German.

His laughter was addictive.

But I thought what happens in Vegas would stay in Vegas.

Until it didn't.
Dr. Stanton turned up where I least expected and my lies came back to haunt me.

The attraction is palpable.
The secrets unchangeable.
I need him more than air.

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1OAK Nightclub

I frown as the man covered in perspiration clings to me once more, oh for heavens sake. “Do you mind?” I frown as I rip my arm from his grip. The music is pumping and I am waiting at the bar.
“Not at all.” He slurs.
Oh god, my eyes flick over to my group of friends and they all smile and raise their glasses to me in jest. Damn them. This hens weekend away is reminding me why I am eternally single. I fake a smile, bitches.
“I mean it baby, let’s dance.”
I roll my eyes. “I can’t, I’m waiting for someone, you should probably run along.”
“Who?” he asks. Oh give up, pushy bastard.
A tall and dark haired good looking guy walks past and I grab him by the arm, he frowns as he turns back toward us. “This guy. “I smirk.
The creepy guy frowns and curls his lip at his competition.
My eyes scan up and down the guy I have just grabbed, oh, he’s gorgeous. I planned that well.
The guy raises an eyebrow in question as his eyes flick between us.
“This is my husband.” I smile as I link my arm through his. He looks like a nice guy, I’m sure he will save me.
The tall guy raises an eyebrow in surprise and smiles. “And you are my …….wife?” He questions as his eyes flick between me and them man.
I nod. “Aha.” Oh boy, don’t blow my cover.
Tall dark and handsome turns his gaze onto the man before us as he snakes his arm around my waist. “You have met my gorgeous wife then?”
I narrow my eyes as I listen to his voice, I think he’s Australian.
The creepy guy narrows his eyes. “You don’t know him.” He sneers. “I don’t believe you.”
Tall dark and handsome smirks and leans over and grabs the back of my head and pulls me towards him, his tongue rims my lips and he sucks on my mouth, his tongue takes no prisoners as it swipes deep into my mouth….what the frigging hell? His hand drops to my behind and he squeezes the cheek in his hand. Oh my god, this was not in the brochure.
He pulls away and licks his lips as his eyes drop to my breasts and back up to my face.
I fake a smile as my mind goes totally blank. “Huh.” My eyes flick back to the other guy as I lick my lips, holy crap. What kind of kiss was that? “Umm.”
Tall dark and handsome takes my hand in his. “Fuck off mate, she’s with me.” He then pulls me by the hand through the crowd, what, wait, where are we going? My eyes flick over to my friends who are all high fiving each other over my random kiss with Mr Holy Hot. Should I just pull out of his grip? What the hell for, this guy is freaking delicious. Oh shit, we arrive over to his group of friends and he puts his arm around my waist and pulls my body close to his.
“Boys.” He acknowledges his large group of friends. “You will be pleased to know I just got married en route from the bar. Please meet my new wife.”
Their eyes meet and they all shake their heads and laugh. “Hello.” They all smile. “Nice to meet you.” One man replies as he shakes my hand.
  I smirk as his hand tightens around my waist. “
“About time.” One guy says as he shakes his hand. “Congratulations mate, what’s your wife’s name?”
His eyes flick to me and he smiles sexily again. “Blossom.”
 I laugh out loud. “Blossom?”
 His friends all look me up and down and smile and then go back to their conversation as if this is a common occurrence.
His eyes drop to my breasts again.
“My eyes are up here.” I reply, he can’t even pretend not to stare.
He picks up his beer and drinks it down. “So?”
I frown, of all the nerve. “So, you keep looking at my boobs.”
“You noticed?”
My mouth drops open in. “Well, I’m not imaging it.”
He smirks as he sips his beer. “Good idea, that’s exactly what I’m doing.”
His friend returns with a tray of drinks. “Murph.” He calls. “Come meet Bloss.”
His friend raises his eyebrows. “Hello.” He smiles as he shakes my hand and passes me a drink. “Thank you.” I smile gratefully. My eyes flick between the six men he is with.  These guys are all gorgeous…..and cultured. Expensive suits and clothes. My eyes flick back to my friends on the other side of the bar and I bite my bottom lip, I will just have this drink and then I will go back over to them, can’t hurt to have one drink.
His friend turns back to the other men and tall dark and handsome’s eyes drop to my breasts again.
“What are you doing?” I shake my head.
I raise a brow. “Imagining what?”
“How those tits are going to look around my cock tonight while I fuck them.”
My mouth drops open in shock.
He smiles a slow sexy smile. “You were safer with the other guy.”
My eyes hold his. I have no words.
“Because unlike him, I will be able to get you to do what I want to do. And tonight I want to fuck those big juicy tits of yours.”
My brain misfires as I get a visual of him naked and above me sliding his cock between my…… it’s been too long. “That’s not happening.” I stammer.
He shuffles around in his suit coat pocket and pulls out a fifty-dollar note. “Do you want to place a bet on it?”
“What an over confident prick you are.” I shake my head, never have I had such a pick up line used on me. “And yes.” I snatch the fifty dollars from his hand.
“I will bet Fifty dollars on me not having your cock between my boobs tonight.”
He winks and clinks his glass with mine as he raises a sexy brow. “Thank you, I will take that as a personal challenge.”
I shake my head as I sip my drink. “Does that ridiculous pick up line work on many women?”
He smiles and winks cheekily. “You would be surprised.”
I smirk, there is something honest about this guy. He isn’t pretending to be someone he is not.
It’s disarming.
His hand drops to my behind again and he rubs it as he smiles to himself as he looks me up and down.
I raise a brow. “You can stop looking at me like I’m your next fuck, there will be no physical activity between us at all tonight. I am not that kind of girl.”
He leans over and kisses me again. “Stop talking.” He smiles into my lips. “You are only making the challenge so much sweeter to achieve. I am a goal orientated man you know.”
“Happy wife, happy life.” I reply sarcastically.
“Blossom, do you really think that I couldn’t make you happy as my wife if that were my goal?” He raises his brow in question.
I laugh out loud. “Shut up. You freak. Who says this shit and gets away with it?”
He laughs out loud as his hands drop to my behind again.

Two hours and six cocktails later.
The sight of his huge cock sliding up and down between my breasts is driving me crazy. We are back in his room, unable to control the attraction, acting like animals. This is casual sex at its absolute finest. This guy is gorgeous, intelligent, funny and as sexy as fuck. Not to mention hung like a bloody horse. I’ve died and gone to Vegas Heaven. His knees are on either side of my body as he kneels over me. Large dark brown eyes stare down at me and I arch my back unable to hold the urge to fuck. How did he get me here? Doing this.
I’m not this kind of girl but holy hell he makes being bad so damn fun.
He bends and kisses me, his tongue seductively dancing with mine. “You owe me fifty bucks.” He smiles into my lips.
I laugh out loud. “Bastard.”
“Time to work off your debt.” He whispers as he pushes his cock forward through my breasts, his eyes close in pleasure. His hands encasing my breasts around his cock. “You have the best fucking tits I have ever seen.” He growls.
My eyes roll back in my head. God this is payment enough, what could be better than this visual sensation?
He starts to really pound my chest until the bed starts to rock and my sex clenches in pleasure. Holy fuck I need this dick inside me now.
I laugh out loud, this is unbelievable. How in the hell did this guy get me back to his room and owing him fifty dollars for the privilege?
He smiles sexily as his mouth hangs slack in arousal. “Arrêter de rire ou je remplirai votre bouche avec ma bite.” He whispers as he looks down at me.
(Translation…..Stop laughing or I will fill your mouth with my cock.”
Am unexpected thrill runs through me and I reply. “Je pourrais prendre tout cela.”  (Translation…I could take it all.)
His eyebrow raises sexily in surprise. “Tu parle français?” (Translation…You speak French?”) He asks as he rolls a condom on.
I grab the back of his head bring it to mine. “Je baise en français trop.” (Translation…I fuck in French too.) I whisper into his lips.
His mouth ravages mine and I feel his hard length slide between my wet lips, back and forth he glides his length. I smile, lets up the anti. “Obwohl, wenn ich in Deutsch ficken ist, wenn Im in meinem besten.” I whisper as my arousal hits a fever pitch. (Translation…. although, when I fuck in German is when I’m at my best.”
He laughs out loud into my mouth and lifts my legs over his shoulder as he impales me in one hard slam. We stay still and our eyes both close in pleasure.
 Holy fuck.
This guy is good….and huge.
“Sie sollten sehen, was Sie sagen, deutsch meine Bruchstelle ist.” He whispers as he pulls out and slides home again. (Translation…You should watch what you say, German is my breaking point.”
My back arches off the bed, oh god, this is too good. His brain is as sharp as his body, I don’t know anyone else Bilingual and this is blowing my freaking mind. “Ich wollte deinen Schwanz in den Mund” I breath. (Translation…I wanted your cock in my mouth.”
He pulls out and immediately is above me as he feeds his cock into my open mouth, I taste my own salty arousal. Shit. This guy is off the fucking hook. “Votre souhait est ma commande ma chère femme.” (Translation…Your wish is my command my dear wife.”
I smile around the large penis as he slides it down my throat and I feel my sex start to pulse. “Je voudrais que vous souffler dans ma bouche. Si vous étiez vraiment mon mari je boirai vers le bas” (Translation…. I wish you could blow in my mouth. If I was really your wife, I would drink it down.”
He shakes his head and smiles sexily down at me as he pushes the hair back from my forehead. “Fuck, moi aussi. Vous soufflez mon putain de l'esprit ici” He whispers through blanket thick arousal. (Translation…. Fuck, so do I. You are blowing my fucking mind here.)
I smile as I flick my tongue over the end of him, his knees are on either side of my head and his body is moving fluently in and out of my mouth. His dark eyes watch me struggle to take him all.
This man has the body of a god and the mind of an angel.
I am in heaven.
“Je dois te goûter.” (Translation…I need to taste you.” He growls as he pulls out of my mouth, he drops to between my legs and his tongue swipes through my swollen flesh.
Fuck. My knees try to close by themselves as they struggle to gain control of the senses overload. He pushes them back to the mattress aggressively as his tongue really takes charge, licking and tasting all that I have.
“How do I taste?” I whisper as my hands drop to the back of his head.
He groans into me as his eyes close in pleasure, his tongue circles and swipes and I feel myself start to quiver. Oh god, It’s been too long. I’m going to come already.
“Come.” He breathes into me. “I want you to come on my tongue. Give me some cream Bloss Bomb.”
Holy fuck, this guy is frying my brain. He bites my clitoris and I shudder into him and he groans in pleasure. I grab the back of his head to try and still him. “Stop.” I pant, this is too much. I am too sensitive. He sucks deeper and his eyes roll back in his head. “You are one hot fuck.” He growls into me as he laps it all up. He climbs up and over me and slides home in one fell movement.
I frown at the ceiling as my hand runs though his messy curls, I can hardly breathe. He’s so big.
He leans back onto his knees and holds my legs into the air as his eyes drop to my sex and he watches my body struggle to take his large muscle. His thumb gently circles over my clitoris, knowing full well that will release me and allow his entry.
He’s experienced and he knows how to loosen a women straight up
I watch him as I pant, somewhere in between disbelief, denial and utter ecstasy. I didn’t know that sex could be like this. I haven’t had this before…I thought I had good sex…but now I have had this.
I realise not.
He gently kisses my ankle that is next to his ear and he smiles sexily down at me. My eyes hold his for an extended moment and a frown crosses his face as I hold my breath. His hand gently brushes my hair from my face and he runs his thumb over my bottom lip
God, I close my eyes to block him out. This fucking guy is ridiculous.
“Regarde moi.” (Translation…Look at me.”) He whispers.
I force my eyes to open and drag them to meet his.
“Vous êtes la plus belle femme putain j'ai jamais été avec.” He whispers softly. (Translation…. You are the most beautiful fucking woman I have ever been with.)
He drops his body to mine and his lips dust mine with reverence, we kiss for an extended time as if forgetting that his body is still inside mine. An intimacy that is both beautiful as it is petrifying. Slow, gentle and tender.
Stop it. You don’t even know him and this is a one- night stand.
“Cesser d'être molle et baise-moi.” I whisper. (Translation…stop being mushy and fuck me.)
He smiles into my lips. “That’s a first.” He smirks as he starts to slowly pump me.
“What do you mean?” I pant.
“Nobody has ever said that to me before.”
I laugh out loud as he pulls out and slams back into me knocking the air from my lungs. He pumps me hard again. “And if I want to be mushy with my wife I have the fucking right to be.”
I laugh as he lifts my legs over his shoulders again and really lets me have it. His knees are wide to give him traction and I can see every muscle in his stomach ripple as he moves. Strong punishing hits as the bed hits the wall with force.
Oh, he won’t be easy to forget. My body starts to quiver again and he smiles darkly sensing my orgasms arrival. He knows his way around a woman’s body.
Of course he does.
Our bodies are covered in a sheen of perspiration and I close my eyes to try and stop the orgasm, I want this to last.
I need this to last.
“I don’t want to come.” He pants.
“Me neither.” I breathe as I pull him back to my lips. “Promise me we will do this again in a minute.”
He laughs into my lips. “We can do this all night Bloss.”
I smile as he lifts my behind with his hand to really hit the end of me and I cry out as my body contracts around his large muscle.
“Fuck yeah.” He calls as his head throws forward and he comes in a rush.
We stay still, both gasping for air. Both wet with perspiration.
Jesus Christ…. What the hell was that?
His lips meet mine and he kisses me softly as he cups my jaw in his hand. I smile into his lips and he kisses me tenderly again. “What an excellent wife you are.”
I laugh out loud and he rolls us so that I am on top of his large body. I rest my head against his chest as I try to catch my breath.
His lips dust my forehead. “Don’t bother going to sleep.” His hand drops to between my legs and he spreads them so that they hang over each side of his large body, he starts to work me again, his three large fingers slide into my wet swollen flesh. “That was the entrée and this is a ten course meal.”

Four hours and four showers later I lie in the semi darkened room with my said husband, the light is just peeking through the crack in the drapes. My head is on his chest and his large muscular arms are around me. The night has been unbelievable to say the least.
We have devoured each other and if he wasn’t out of condoms…..we probably still would be. I think we must have used a whole box.
“Where do you live?” He asks.
“New York.” I breathe. I cringe when I hear my husky voice…a symptomatic problem from lasts nights Tequila and giving head activities no doubt. “Where do you live?” I ask.
“Texas. Originally from Australia.”
I smile and gently kiss his chest and smile in contentment. “I had a good wedding night.”
He kisses my forehead. “Me too.” I feel his lips smile against my skin. “You probably wont be walking for a while.”
I giggle into his chest. “Actually, can you organize a wheel chair to get me back to my room please?”
He smiles. “I would, but I will be using it myself.”
We lie in comfortable silence for a while longer. His hand runs back and forth over my behind as if memorizing every inch, I smile. “Are you using the theorem of calculus to measure my ass?”
He laughs out loud and rolls me onto my back and holds my hands above my head. “Your mind is a fucking turn on.” He breathes against my lips as his tongue gently explores my mouth.
I just can’t get my fill of this guy. “I could say the same thing. I have never had bilingual sex before.” I smile. Hell, most guys I have slept with can’t even speak English to me when we have sex…let alone drop in and out of three languages.
He smiles into my lips as he bites the bottom one and pulls it toward him. “Moi non plus, je peux être accro.” (Translation…Me neither, I may be addicted.”)

I have always had a love of languages, it was my stress reliever when I was in high school and my parents were divorcing. I would lock myself in my bedroom and listen to language tapes through headphones so I couldn’t hear them fighting. Looking back……all those hours alone in my room spent teaching myself was worth it just to experience the night I had with him. He challenged me…. but I challenged him right back and I know I surprised him…. hell, I surprised myself.
It was empowering to be able to keep up with such an obviously intelligent man. Our eyes lock and something clicks into place as I feel a flutter deep in my stomach.
“What do you do for work?” I ask to change the subject.
He lies naked on his side next to me and rubs his hand over my breast and squeezes it hard. “I’m a mechanic.”
I bite my lip to stifle my smile, he has softer hands than me. No way in hell is he a mechanic.
So we are playing that game are we?
“What do you do?” He asks.
“I work in an ice-cream shop.”
He can’t hide his smile. “You are a dreadful liar, there is no way in hell you serve ice-cream.”
I laugh out loud. “You lied first.”
He laughs as his lips drop to my nipple and he takes it in his mouth. “Touché.” He smirks.
“What do you think I do?” I ask.
He narrows his eyes as he thinks. “Your body tells me you are a gym instructor but your mind tells me you are a scientist?”
I smile as I bring his lips down to meet mine. “I got to go.” I sit up.
He frowns and leans up onto his elbow. “What? Where are you going?”
I stand up and his eyes drop down my body. “New York.” I answer.
He frowns again. “You are going home? Today?”
I nod as I walk around his room picking up my clothes. “Aha.” I pick up my phone and check the time. “I fly out in three hours. I got to get a move on.”
His face drops. “But.”
I pick up my bra and put it on. “But what?”
“I wanted to see you again.” He replies as he watches me dress.
I smile and lean over the bed to kiss his gorgeous lips. “Hmm.” I smile into them. “Sorry. Hens weekend is over.”
He leans up and grabs me and pulls me back on top of him. “Stay another night.” He breathes into my lips.
I smile, god I wish. He kisses me again.
“I already have my plane ticket for today.” I breathe.
“I will buy you another plane ticket for tomorrow.” He offers.
For a brief moment I consider it.
“I am here until tomorrow.” He replies. “We could spend another night together.” He smiles sexily.
Could I?
Who am I kidding we don’t even know each others names and he just lied straight out and told me he was a mechanic and besides, I’m totally out of money. I wouldn’t even be able to pay for my dinner tonight. Damn it.  “Sorry hubby.” I stand and put my black lacy panties back on as he lays watching me. “This is where our marriage ends.”
He puts both hands behind his head as he lays back down and his eyes hold mine and he smiles broadly.
My face mirrors his. “What?” I smile.
“I kind of like being married to you.”
I widen my eyes at him in jest.
“I know. Shocking. Isn’t it?” He smirks.
I pull my dress over my shoulders and slink into it.
“Come back to bed.” He frowns. “I’m not finished with you.”
I sit on the bed and kiss him once more. “I’m not finished with you either, but I have to go.”
He frowns and gets begrudgingly out of bed and my eyes drop down his naked body. He is one hell of a fine specimen. Tall, athletic, muscular broad chest with a scattering of dark hair. His hair is dark brown with a little bit of length on the top allowing it to have a just fucked messy look. His eyes are dark brown and he has a dark two- day growth going on. My eyes drop lower to the dark short well kept pubic hair that encases the grand jewels. The man is well endowed and hell. He knows it. I can imagine that he has every woman he sleeps with fall madly in love with him.
He has money. He smells of it, the clothes he had on last night. The Rolex watch. The well dressed large group of men he was with. Hell I think his shoes alone would have cost a couple of grand. This room is luxury, it’s not even a room, it’s a suite…. incomparable to my shitty shared room with two single beds next to each other that me and two girlfriends are sharing because we have no money. He pulls on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. “Can I take you out for breakfast?” He asks.
I glance down at myself, ugg I look abysmal and I fake a smile. “No. But thank you.”
He frowns as he pulls me into him again. “Are you trying to get away from me?”
I smile into his lips. “No. I just got to go.”
His lips linger on mine, oh to hell with budget. Stay and fuck this guy stupid. I pull out of his grip and pick up my handbag.
“Hang a sec until I get some shoes on and I will walk you to your room.” He disappears into the bathroom. I quickly take out fifty dollars and put it on his bedside table and scribble on the hotel notepad next to his phone.
Whoever said Gambling never pays,
Has never lost to you
I needed this money.…but, a bet is a bet.
He won it fair and square.
He fucked my tits until they were chafe, just like he said he would.
He exits the bathroom. “You ready?”
I nod and smile as I follow him out the door.
“Morning.” He replies to the man standing next to his door in a suit. “Morning.” The man replies.
I frown, who is that? I glance around at all of the doors in the surrounding hallway have men in suits outside every room. He takes my hand in his and we start walking down the corridor. “Who are they?” I whisper.
“Security.” He replies casually as he strides along.
I frown as I nearly have to run to keep up with him. “What for?” I whisper.
“Oh. My brother is here.” He hesitates for a moment. “He has money.” He rolls his eyes. “I forget they are even with us I am so used to it.”
“Oh.” I frown, that’s random. I turn back and see one of the men following us down the corridor. “He’s following us.” I whisper.
He smirks down at me as he kisses my hand and keeps walking. “Relax. Ignore him.”
I frown as my eyes flick to the man behind us. “Oh, okay.”
We get to the lift and I have to take out my key card to see where my room is again.
“We will be fine.” He tells the security guy before we enter the lift. The guy nods and stays on the floor we came from.
We get into the crowded elevator and stand at the front, I smirk up at him as he holds my hand. “I can’t believe you are ditching me on our first day of marriage.” He says loudly so everyone can hear.
My eyes widen in shock, what’s he doing?
“So you just used me and abused me all night, is that it?” He asks in an over exaggerated voice. I hear a lady behind us gasp in shock and the other people all pretend to not listen.
I smirk, bastard, two can play this game. “Yeah well. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and you were totally shit in bed by the way.” I reply dryly.
“What about our kids?” He asks, acting offended.
I drop my head to hide my smile, oh this guy is something else.
“Your kids are bastards, one of your other wives can bring them up. I have had enough I’m going back to prostitution.” I reply.
“Just don’t give anyone anal. You know that asshole is mine.” He frowns acting serious.
I widen my eyes at him. He did not just say that out loud.
“Oh my god.” The lady behind us whispers.
“Sshh.” Her husband whispers.
He drops his head to stop himself from laughing and he squeezes my hand in his, I squeeze it back as I bite my bottom lip.
The lift doors open and he walks out and strides down the hall toward my room. “What number?” He asks.
“322.” I smirk.
We continue walking until we get to my room and I turn toward him.
“This is your room.” He replies.
“Yep.” I smile, oh I don’t want to go in. I do want to stay with him another night.
He takes out his phone. “Can I have your number?” He asks.
I raise a brow. “Why?”
“So I can sell it to the highest bidder, why do you think?” He replies dryly.
I smile. “I live in New York you know.” I reply.
“Yes I am coming to New York next weekend.” He replies.
“Since when?” I frown.
“Since now.” He smiles as he kisses my lips.
His tongue rims my lips. “donnez-moi votre numéro avant que je vous traîne retourner dans ma chamber.” (Translation…give me your number before I drag you back to my room.)
I kiss his lips and smile. Could this guy be any more fun?
He takes out his phone and types the name wife into the contact list.
 I laugh. “You can’t save me as wife?”
“Who says?”
He grabs my behind and pushes me up against the door. “While you are in Vegas you are my wife and if I want to fuck you up against the door here. I can.” He growls into my neck,
I laugh into his shoulder as I push him away, I take his phone and type in my number and he smiles and his lips linger on mine.
“I’m coming to New York next weekend and getting a hotel for us. Where do you want to stay?”
I laugh. “You are crazy.”
“And you are fucking addictive.” He smiles into my cheek as he grips me tight.
We laugh into one last lingering kiss and his lips drop softly to my neck.
“Goodbye my beautiful wife.” He whispers as his eyes search mine.
I feel my heart somersault in my chest. “Goodbye.” I smile softly.
He starts walking up the hallway backward as he points at me. “I will see you next weekend?”
I smirk as I cross my arms in front of me as I watch him walk backwards up the hall.
“Don’t bother packing clothes because you wont be needing any.” He calls,
I smirk again and shake my head, god, he’s a bona-fide sex maniac.
A porter walks past and he calls out to him. “Excuse me, do you have any wheelchairs available.”
I cover my mouth to hide my giggle. He wouldn’t?
The porter looks down at his legs, wondering what is wrong with him to need a wheelchair.
“Oh, its not my legs, I have a very sore dick.” He points to his groin. “Hard night.”
The porter frowns as he looks at his crotch.
I burst out laughing and they both turn to look at me. With an embarrassed wave I walk into my bedroom and close the door. I shake my head in disbelief at the crazy events that have panned out over the last twenty- four hours. I lean against the back of the closed door with a broad smile.
What an unexpected night.
What an unexpected man.

Author Bio

Lover of her husband, children, words, chocolate and margaritas.
When she is not writing her next novel, you will find her in a café drinking coffee with friends.
Writing is her passion.

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