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RELEASE DAY BLAST: 27 Truths About Their First Goodbye by MJ Fields

We're celebrating the release of 27 Truths About Their First Goodbye by MJ Fields! Check out the excerpt and gift below, then one-click today!

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Photographer - Wander Aguiar 
Cover Model- Conor T. Cushing 
Cover designer- Jersey Girl Design 

Once Upon A Time

I dreamed of growing up and being just like her.
I dreamed of having an adoring husband, two kids, and a beautiful home where my family would come together and enjoy all of our happy ever afters.

But Fate Had Other Plans

My road wasn’t easy, it was heartbreaking, and she was there, in the distance, silently supporting me.
When all the angst, all the pain, worked its way out, she was there too, but not how she’d always promised, she was there from an unbridgeable distance.

With distance and broken promises, I began to build a wall.

She would never be the mother she was, and I would not allow her to hinder the mother I am.

Life is nothing without love.
Life is nothing without hope.
Life is nothing without dreams.
Life is not lived fully until you understand the finality of… Goodbye.

*This book is part of the First series (Her First Kiss, His First Crush, Their First Fall). It is recommended that you begin with 27 Truths and 27 Lies, then continue with the First series..

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It’s not hard to figure out where my husband’s room is. It’s the one with half the ER staff, all of the female persuasion, standing outside the door, peering through the glass windows as if they’re watching a television show.
I feel my blood boil as I quicken my steps and I don’t even say excuse me, no manners, none, I just push past them.
“Miss, you need to—”
“Oh, shut it,” I snap as I push through the final group of nurses.
“Well hello, Pretty.” Logan beams a big old smile and lifts his hand. “I have a boo-boo.”
“Yeah? Well, I hope it hurt,” I scowl.
He grins… Logan doesn’t grin, he smirks, he smiles… when we’re alone. But he’s typically a broody asshole in public, which I prefer, and not for any other reason than his grin clearly brings on attention, and he’s taken, I even put a ring on it.
“Put that thing away, stow it, save it for—”
“London.” Lucas’s hand clasps gently on my shoulder.
I whip around and scowl at him, and he grins. What the hell is it with these men?
“You too!”
He looks shocked, maybe even a bit scared, okay, not scared, but at least nervous.
I look back at Logan. “What the hell were you thinking?”
“Miss, if you can’t calm down, we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”
I look back. “Oh really?”
I cross my hands over my chest, tap my foot on the ground, and challenge the ever-loving shit out of her.
“London.” Lucas tries to stop me, but that bitch looks thirsty. I scowl one last time at her and her blonde hair and big tits.
“You should wipe the drool—”
“Okay, now.” Lucas’s hands grip my shoulders from the back and turn me to face Logan. “Let’s focus our attention here.”
“I’m so pissed at you,” I sputter.
“I know—”
“No, I don’t think you do know, Logan. You don’t just take off, beat up a steering wheel… hide. From them, maybe.” I toss my thumb over my shoulder at Lucas and Ava. “But never me. Do you understand? Am I making myself clear?” He starts to open his mouth, and I sneer, “I am not done yet.”
His eyes widen a bit, and I continue, “You ever do that crap again, and I will do it back, and then you’ll understand how much it hurt.”
My voice cracks, my eyes fill, but I push through. “You want this,” I motion between us, “Then you don’t ever, ever do that to me again because I will—”
“London,” he slurs. Is he high? “Get the fuck over here.”
“No,” I sniff. “No, I will not.”
Now my tears fall.
“Pretty, I have two hands.”
 “Yet only half a brain,” Lucas whispers under his breath.
I look back at him, shocked, because Lucas never acts like that toward his kids. Ever.
I expect him to give me his flirty Lucas, haha look, but he doesn’t. He pats my shoulders, then he turns around and runs his hand through his hair.
“London,” Logan says in a sing-song, not Logan voice, drawing my attention back to his apparently stoned self. “And a tongue, Pretty, don’t be mad.”
“Oh my God, just shut up, will you?” I cover my face.
“What, now you don’t want me? Jesus, make up your mind, will ya?”
“I want you, Logan, I want you to shush, just…. close your eyes and sleep.”
“Will I wake up to you under the cov—”
“Logan, if I get near that dumb stick right now, I’d yank it off and play whack-a-mole with your head, praying to God above it would be hard enough to knock you out so you’d shut up!”
He grins again.
God…. What the hell am I going to do with him?
“Get. Over. Here.” He pulls the covers over, exposing… way too much. “It’s cuddle season.”
“Good God.” I hurry over and pull the blanket back over him.
“What? You don’t like him anymore?”
“Logan, when you come off whatever pain med they doped you up with, you’re going to probably die of embarrassment. I’d prefer you not do that.”
He wipes away a fallen tear from my cheek. “Wasn’t running from you, Pretty. Just couldn’t stop… laughing.”
“So, laugh if you want to. Nothing wrong —”
“I couldn’t stop.” He lays back and closes his eyes, and I sit beside him.
“So, what,” I whisper. “You deserve to laugh, to be happy, to be you.”
“Who the fuck am I now anyway?” He sighs.
“You’re Logan Links, and you’re my forever.”

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