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Book Blitz: Dragon Craving by Livia Olteano

Excerpt 1 - from Chapter 1 (Ela's POV):

Sometimes I hated my life. But I was rarely surprised as I was when the figure of a strikingly handsome man materialized behind me. I watched him as he grinned crookedly and leaned against the wall behind. His piercing white eyes focused on mine in the mirror and my stomach tightened in a knot.

“Hello, Oracle of Akai.”

“Obitus,” I whispered.

What I didn’t add was the rest of his honorable titles: the destroyer, the one who was going to ruin me before bringing the end of my world. Though he was about to make a deal with the weres for Kann to stay with Karla in peace, so he was capable of some good too.

His human form was tall with wide shoulders, it made a striking pose. He was wearing a navy suit that really, really brought out the white in his eyes. They were the only outward sign of his dragon nature, those white eyes that meant he was a powerful being, one of the most powerful in the Otherworlds. One of those who’d gone extinct, pretty much, until Karla decided to use his help to save her life. I couldn’t blame her, but I didn’t like Mr. Dragon breathing down my neck, not at all. Especially since he was the sexiest man I’d ever seen, and that included models for the covers of my novels–which was saying something. I looked away from his reflection and tried to get my pulse under control.

He flashed beside me and I flinched.

“It’s a real pleasure to see you,” he muttered darkly in that chorus effect voice of his.

Shivers traveled up and down my spine, but I glared at his reflection in the mirror. “I can’t say the same.”

He tsked. “Sorry to hear that. But I promise you’ll change your mind.”

I smiled coldly and walked out of the ladies room, avoiding eye contact with him. Thinking of what the full force of those eyes could do scared the crap out of me. He didn’t follow, thank the gods. I reached the hall and my knees almost gave out. Leaning against the wall for a minute, I tried to get my pulse under control. He couldn’t change my mind, or we’d all be lost. No matter how tempting he was, I couldn’t allow myself to get caught in his snare.

Excerpt 2 - from Chapter 1 (Ela's POV):

I wanted him to follow. At this point I knew he wanted a victim for tonight. If it wouldn’t be me, it would be some poor woman. I couldn’t let that happen. Once in the elevator I pushed for my suite’s floor. My pulse skipped. I’d wait for him there.

As the doors opened I stepped out of the elevator and inhaled deeply. He’d be up in about a minute. The hall was empty. I allowed myself a quick peak into the following minutes to make sure no one would show up beside the two of us. Allison would take about 45 minutes to come up. I had enough time.

I stood there, facing the elevator doors, and began the invocations. I had quite a few options as far as spirits went, but I rarely used them. Tonight, I called for the soul nippers. They were tiny, vicious things that hungered for soul energy. The most efficient way to make a living creature disappear. The nippers materialized out of the floor, screeching and moaning.

Now all I needed was a target to mark. And he’d arrive right…now. The doors binged open. He walked out, grinning at me.

“I knew you were sweet on me, honey,” he crooned.

I smiled and mentally drew the target symbol on his chest. The nippers launched at him. He opened his mouth, wanting to scream, but one of the nippers slid down his throat and blocked his vocal chords. They shot through him, screeching with glee. Each time they went through, a bit of his soul was consumed. In a minute or so he fell to the floor, eyes wide and face contorted in pain. I didn’t feel much pity. He’d put his victims though a lot worse.

Autopsy would show he’d died of a stroke. I took the phone out of my purse and hit speed dial.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“I think someone’s having a seizure or something. Hotel…”

Excerpt 3 - from Chapter 2 (Obitus's POV):

I sat back on Karla’s couch, my ankle dangling over my other leg’s knee. The place looked strange, all the objects crowding the already tiny space. But then again my idea of a cozy home was a large cave with enough room for me to roll around in my dragon form. Humans were small creatures. In fact, everything in Akai was small and cramped. But fun.

The weres leader paced, hands clasped at his back. He was fun too. Jeremy Hays was a lanky thing with bright red hair that stood out like antennas. He had piercing green eyes and the nasty habit of biting the inside of his cheek. I liked that worried look about him. I liked the fear that radiated from him too. He made a considerable effort to cover the fact that he was looking at anything but me. A couple of times, his gaze came close to meeting mine. Well, reasonably close. I think the progress froze somewhere around the tip of my nose.

“What’s taking the gargoyle so long?” he muttered.

I shrugged. “Sharpening the knife for dinner.”

The werecat flinched. “That’s dragon humor, right?”

I chuckled. “Oh yes, we’re funny like that. Dragons, you know? Never a dull moment.”

The piercing green eyes finally focused on me and Jeremy smiled. He looked very cat-like right then. I’d first seen him in his cat form–cats were lovely creatures. Tiny as a dot but so resourceful and agile. I liked cats. I was still iffy about Jeremy though.

“So tell me, what do you get out of it?” he asked eyeing his nails.

I held up a hand. “We’ll discuss it when Kann is here. I don’t like repeating myself.”

Jeremy smiled and nodded, resuming his pacing about. Maybe it was a cat thing, not being able to stand still when they were nervous.

 Dragon Craving by Livia Olteano
(Otherworlds Summons #2)
Publication date: Late November 2013
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

The world holds few secrets for Oracle Elana Anderson, or as her fans know her, Ela Deville. Successful author of paranormal romance, Ela, has a secret: not all her paranormal characters are quite that fictional. She hardly expected she’d trigger a chain of events that might bring about the end of the world via a pesky dragon. Rendered blind to visions of him, Ela’s only way to save her world is to keep the dragon close…very close.
Obitus, the only awake dragon in the Otherworlds, is determined to get back the magic that was stolen from him and secure his position for a good thousand years. Becoming Akai’s new guardian after getting rid of the current one is the best way to it. But that means getting Ela on his side. He’ll bargain and maneuver his way there if he has to, but ends up tormented by the desire to have her for real.
In a game of deals, half-truths and irresistible cravings, does one heart have to break in order for the other to save the world?

Livia Olteano is a loud and proud coffee addict, lover of all things beautiful and incurable romantic.

She believes stories are the best kind of magic there is. And life would be horrible without magic. Her hobbies include losing herself in the minds and souls of characters, giving up countless nights of sleep to get to know said characters, and trying to introduce them to the world. Sometimes they appreciate her efforts. The process would probably go quicker if they'd bring her a cup of coffee now and then when stopping by. Characters--what can you do, right?

Stop by or the blog,, for the latest news and rants of glory.

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