Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Never Say Never by C. Marie Mosley

EXCERPT 1: The indistinctly, barely warm end of summer air around us was a telltale sign that  fall was well on its way. but the sweltering heat had all but completely vanished. I could still feel the faintness of heat lingering on [her] skin from the sun's rays.
Her beautiful, delicious, flawless tanned skin. The two of us lay tangled in each other's arms in the barn loft at my grandparent's horse farm and Harden Fields. This has quickly become my favorite place to get lost with her. 
The fragrance sent a vanilla and jasmine surrounded me, as I continued to trail kisses down her neck. I loved to feel the softness of herur skin beneath my lips. The warmth of her body and the way her eyes looked into mine made me want to hold onto her, keeping her with me forever.

Except 2: I squeezed her hand creating resistance then I pulled her back into me. I leaned down to speak into her ear over the loudness that surrounded us, drowning out conversations everywhere. "I told you I don't dance."
"I could always try my persuasion tactics again," she said smiling wickedly, and batting her long dark lashes at me. 
I pulled her closer placing my hands on her hips. "You could...and I would certainly let you."

EXCERPT 3: Without another word I reached around her waist and pulled her body into mine crushing my lips to hers. I knew that I had caught her off guard but after the realization set in, she met my kiss feverishly, like I was a conquest she has sought after for longer than she cared to remember. like my kiss was laced with a taste that she had crazy all of her life. Like I was everything she had ever wanted or needed.

Never Say Never by CMarie Mosley
Publication date: December 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


All he wanted was a distraction…

All she wanted was to conquer him…

Instead, they both got a reason to change their minds…

Forever was never an option…

… Never Say Never.

Never Say Never follows two friends, Kasey and Jonah, that have known each other just short of forever. In a single moment, they decide to take their friendship to a different level…with no strings attached. Neither of them intended for things to go so far. Kasey and Jonah fall, fight, and re-fall for each other in only ways that the two of them can. Knowing each other’s past can be a double-edged sword. But in Harden Fields, there are always skeletons left hanging in the closet…they just don’t hang around for long.


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