Monday, February 25, 2013

Second Rate Chance: Lil's Profile and GIveaway


(self photo taken in my closet when I was supposed to be getting ready to go out- Sam was aggravated)

NAME- Delilah Harper, but everyone calls me Lil
AGE- 26
WEIGHT- That’s never polite to ask a lady…120 (I’ve put on a little weight since
                                                          getting back together with Sam.
BIRTHDATE- April 3, 1986
HAIR- Long and brown with a natural wave to it.
EYES- Blue
OTHER FACIAL FEATURES- My nose. It kind of looks like a mouse
DESCRIPTION OF HOME- Cottage/bungalow style. It’s very homey and filled with family
BEST FRIEND- Sam Travers (duh) and Ellie Gray
OTHER FRIENDS- Kane Ryker, Abe Rivers, and Zach Crawford
ENEMIES AND WHY- Ummm… to be honest I try to like everyone but if I had to pick one
person I guess I’d say Chloe Miles. I did kind of steal her fiancĂ©e, but
in my defense, he was mine before he was hers.
PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE- Make the best of what you have and count yourself lucky if you’re ever
given a second chance to make things right
HABITS- Biting my fingernails
HOBBIES/PASTTIMES- Watching old Night Court reruns (yummo Harry T Stone) and taking
candid photos of people- mostly my friends- I try not to go all
shutterbug on strangers but sometimes the setting is just right
CHOICE OF ENTERTAINMENT- watching Abe and Ellie bicker
OCCUPATION- owner of Delilah Rose Photography- thank goodness Valentines Day
is over but now I have to get ready for Easter. You’re not interested
in playing the Easter Bunny are you?
MARITAL STATUS- Single as in he hasn’t put a ring on it yet. But otherwise very taken
FAVORITE PIG OUT FOOD- ruffles and ranch dip, the Hidden Valley kind
EVERY NEW YEAR’S I RESOLVE TO- Make the upcoming year better than the last
NOBODY KNOWS I AM- Older than Sam. Only by a few months, but he still doesn’t like                to tell people.
I’M A SUCKER FOR- puppies
I WANT TO TEACH MY CHILDREN THAT- You have to make the best of what you have because not
everyone is given a second chance. Oh, and to put the toilet
seat down.
A GOOD TIME FOR ME IS- Being surrounded by my friends
It was the 5
th grade and I had just gotten glasses. He told me that the
Dewayne Wade glasses from the tv show, A Different World, were the
in thing. You know, the flip style glasses/sunglasses? They weren’t.
I THOUGHT I WAS GROWN UP WHEN- I went to college.
WHEN I FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF I- take a hot bath and eat junk food. At the same time.
MY PET PEEVE IS- Repeating myself. The toilet seat being left up. Having someone’s
feet touch me.
MY MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT- owning my own business


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