Friday, May 31, 2019

Excerpt Reveal: Stuck Up by Kristie Leigh and Leddy Harper

Take a peek inside Stuck Up by Kristie Leigh and Leddy Harper! Don't forget to add it to your TBR!

Title: Stuck Up
Author: Kristie Leigh & Leddy Harper
Genre: NA romcom
Cover Design: Vanilla Lily Designs
Release Date: June 27, 2019

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Pretending to be in a relationship with your arch nemesis is one thing. It’s another to do so while stuck on a family vacation.

Royce thought I was stuck up.
And I thought he was full of himself.

Two weeks in paradise with both of our parents…what could go wrong?


“Can you stop acting like a spoiled brat for two seconds?"

Her brows arched high, eyes wide in shock. “Spoiled brat?”

Of course, that was all she heard. Out of everything I said, she managed to latch on to that one bit. I didn’t know why I bothered to try—it was impossible to win against Her Majesty, the self-righteous queen. However, I couldn’t let it go. “Yes. A spoiled brat. A big baby who spends her time crying because someone came along and ate half her cookie. Guess what, princess? You still have half a cookie. Try focusing on that for a change.”

She stalked toward me, steam practically coming out of her ears. Her lips were pursed and eyes narrowed. In all honesty, had I been sober, I probably would’ve been scared for my life. But thanks to the generous servings of bubbly, I pulled myself to my feet, keeping most of my weight on my good foot, and squared my shoulders at her.

“You have some nerve,” she practically growled.

I leaned down enough to get right in her face. “What are you going to do about it?”

Her response wasn’t at all what I expected. Rather than yell or insult me through gritted teeth, she grabbed the front of my shirt, pulled me closer, and pressed her lips to mine in a hard, violent kiss. It was so startling that I didn’t know what to do with my hands, fully anticipating her to push me away after a second or two, once she realized what she’d done. Yet she never did. Instead, she parted her lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

That’s when I decided it was game on.

I palmed her ass cheeks and rolled her hips into mine while tasting her tongue. All the fury, all the frustration that had been building over the years went into that kiss. Every argument. Every flippant response. Every insult, and every time she’d made me feel less than—it all went into it.

She felt it, too.

Her body molded to mine, making the warmth of her skin seep through the fabric barriers between us. It was then that I decided to just go for it and see where it went. I grabbed the hem of her simple dress and pulled it over her head, freeing her perfect, bare breasts.

Jesus…” It was barely a whisper, yet loud enough to be heard.

And taken the wrong way.

Hennessey pulled back in alarm, arms instinctively covering her chest. “What? What’s wrong?”

I’d seen her in so many different lights over the years, yet I’d never seen her like this—almost insecure. It made her real. And for the first time since meeting her, I started to believe she might truly be human after all.

With a cautious hold on her wrists, I carefully pulled her arms away. Then I met her worried stare and shook my head, my smile burning my cheeks. “Nothing. Not a damn thing.”

About the Authors:

Kristie Leigh 

I'm a feisty redheaded Canadian/American who fell in love with romance novels when
my friend Phil bought me a Kindle that hasn't left my side since.

My favorite books to read are anything taboo and super sick and twisted. I'm not sure I will ever
write anything dark, but I would love to give it a shot one day.

I live in South Florida with my high school sweetheart and three kids.

I grew up in Burlington, ON, Canada but made the move to
South Florida in 2013 and definitely don't miss the snow.

I'm not sure where this writing journey will take me but either way, I know it will be a fun new adventure, and I'm super excited about it.

Leddy Harper

At the age of fourteen, Leddy Harper wrote her first book and never stopped. She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters. She published her first book to teach her children to go after what they want, love what they do and do it well, and to show them what it means to overcome their fears.

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Kristie Leigh

Leddy Harper

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