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Book Spotlight and Giveaway: Falling Into You by LT Kelly

Title: Falling Into You

Author: L.T. Kelly

Release date: May 15th, 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

Marc Romano disappeared without a trace into the darkness. His lover became overwhelmed with grief in her loss. But her grief takes on a much more murderous form than most, for Teagan Lewis is a vampire.
Now her heartache is driving her further from the woman she once was, and she realises she must snap out of her monstrous habits and discover the way back to her old self. But how?
Ending their trip around Europe, Teagan and her friend Alex head back to New York. Teagan has the full intention of carrying out a dangerous plan here; not just physically dangerous, but emotionally as well.
How will she be able to resist the irresistible? And what of the new rival, Ivan Lenin? He threatens her life and the lives of everyone she loves. The only people who can help her are her sworn enemy and an ancient stranger. Will they assist her?
How will Teagan Lewis face the demons of her past and try to find happiness? Will she stay and fight or will she run from the things she must face in order to finally be at peace? Mistakes will be made. People will die.
The time has come…

Excerpt - Chapter Eight - Falling into You

In one swift movement, I wrenched open the wooden lid. His green eyes glistened as soon as they made contact with mine, his smooth white skin shone in stark comparison to the black velvet lining his crate. His lip curled into a smile at the corner. It took my breath away. I shook myself out of my reaction to him and pretended to concentrate on leaning the lid of the crate against the wall.
"Hello, Teagan.” His liquid tone filled my ears. It was so strange to be happy to see someone that you'd always professed to hate. It was even stranger to feel effected by him. I had to put it down to the fact that Bartholomew was here for me. In no way was I attracted to him. He'd travelled so far, just for me. He didn't even really know me, but there had to be some reason that he felt as though he had a duty towards me. I just wasn't aware of it.
"Thanks for coming," I muttered. A jolting in my abdomen stabbed at me from the knowledge that I now owed this man something.
With grace, he exited from his horizontal position until his formidable muscular form towered above me. His white-blonde hair was immaculate, framing his face beautifully as it hung to his shoulders like expensive drapes. I always looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards whenever I travelled long distances, but he pulled it off to perfection.
"Who's that?" I pointed to the crate and pursed my lips, not taking my eyes away from his for a second.
I knew it wouldn't take him long to irritate me. His trademark tinkling laughter sent shivers down my spine as it escaped his throat and echoed around the room.
"Why, my dear Teagan, did you think I'd come this far without Victoria?"
"Oh. Of course not,” I snapped. This was going to be great. The bitch hated me with a passion, but I could hardly retract my offer for them to stay in the apartment with me. It would seem obvious and ungrateful. I was going to have to put up with her twenty-four/seven.
"She has been warned to play nicely with you. Besides, she's very upset about Thomas. They were married once, you know," he said, raising an eyebrow at the incredulous look I was shooting at him.
"I can hear everything," Victoria's muffled nasal voice crept though the wood of her crate like poison ivy. The mere sound of it made my jaw clench.
Bartholomew smiled over at the crate and shook his head affectionately before releasing her. Of course, our strength and speed would allow us to break free from the crate if need be, but it was better to have the lid removed from the outside to save the wood from splitting and then having to have it repaired or replaced.
Her mass of black curls was what I always noticed about her first, then her sneer. Victoria was very attractive in a slutty, vamp kind of way. If she toned the gothic look down, she could be stunning. Her clothes and heavy makeup made her an acquired taste.
"Hello, Victoria," I greeted the bitch from hell with my chin jutting out defiantly. I wasn't going to take any crap from her.
"What happened to him?" she asked breathlessly, suspicion pinching at her sharp features, her blue eyes as icy as what I would imagine her heart to be.
I should have known she wouldn't want to make small talk. She had been Thomas' maker and his wife. She'd left him for Bartholomew and placed him in a lonely existence until he found me. Vampires thrive when they're in the company of other vampires so, in my opinion, what she did was very cruel. She, on the other hand, saw it as a parting gift.
"I don't have a clue,” I answered honestly. After all, I didn't even know if he was dead.
"I knew you'd end up being the death of him," she spat at me, her fists flexed into tight little balls. She was slightly smaller than me, but she was faster, stronger, and a whole lot sneakier. Victoria wouldn't suffer any inner conflict about fighting dirty.
I hissed and bared my extended fangs at her. I couldn't find the words to disagree.
"Now, now, ladies. Teagan, as far as I'm aware, didn't ask Thomas to embark on this dangerous mission. It was his own choice, Victoria.” Bartholomew's tone held a warning. They weren't meant to be there to fight with me. They were there to fight with something much bigger.
I nodded once. "No, I didn't ask him to." I wished I could've appeared more upset, but not knowing exactly who was dead made it difficult. It was the not knowing that killed me inside.
"I'll return to that issue another day.” Victoria's eyes narrowed. She was going to bide her time and have it out with me at the earliest available opportunity.
"I think the first thing we have to do is locate and question Mr. Lenin.” The way Bartholomew spoke his name was as though it had left a bad taste in his mouth. He gazed out across the room, seemingly mulling something over in his own mind.
"Do you know him?" I asked in response to his reaction.
"I know of him."
"What do you know of him?"
"I know he's one of the oldest vampires walking the Earth. He's feared and respected. He’s also, as far as I’m aware, the one who decreed the laws we have about vampires and werewolves fraternising with one another.” Bartholomew stopped short and took in a sharp breath.
"And?" I questioned. He looked like he'd stopped himself from saying something else.
"Nothing else." His mouth popped shut again.
"Well, that's settled. Enough with the mindless chitter-chatter. Lets go. I want to meet the man that killed Thomas," Victoria said and made for the door. Considering she'd just climbed out of a crate following a long-distance journey and was ready to start a war immediately proved the ice maiden did, in fact, have a heart. A heart that wanted to avenge the death of Thomas.
"Whoa!" I held up my palms to them and quickly stopped the couple in their tracks. "What's the hurry?"
Victoria was up in my face before I'd even finished blinking. Her nose was a mere centimetre from mine.
"What happened with you and this Lenin character anyway? Don't you want to bring your makers killer to justice? You're a selfish little girl. I've said it all along.” Victoria hissed out every word, her lips twisted into a snarl and her eyes burned with rage.
I slowly backed away from them, eyes wide and ready to watch for their reactions whether they were going to be violent or otherwise.
"Thomas isn'tum, necessarily"
"Spit it out," Victoria snapped.
"I don't know if he's really dead! It could be Marc. Lenin just implied that I'd be upset about something,” I mumbled in hushed tones, my gaze dropping to the floor. I'd backed myself into the wall, my shoulders pressed against it as I waited for their combined anger to wreak havoc on me. I fumbled with the sleeve of my pyjama top and waited.
"What occurred with you and Lenin? How are you still alive whilst whomever is dead for your cause?" Victoria demanded.
My head whipped up. I needed to show her how strong I was. Displaying regret would give her the wrong impression, the impression that I'd allow her to bully me again. "Firstly, Victoria, I'd like you to know that Ivan Lenin is nothing short of a creep with a great hair stylist. Women adore him, yet he chose to sexually assault me."
Victoria eyed me wearily before her face softened slightly. I cast her a cursory glance before continuing, "Then he came here to question me about this movement, which I have no idea about.” I took a deep breath and rubbed my hands over my face. "I couldn't help but laugh in his face. Okay? I know I messed up." My shoulders slumped.
              I glanced up. Victoria's eyebrow was raised. She jabbed a finger in my direction. "You…laughed in Ivan Lenin's face?" she asked. Surprised delight clung to her words as a smile spread over her lips. "You're either very brave or very stupid. I fear it's both."
Bartholomew shook his head slowly. His face was etched with concern instead of the anger I expected. I'd be absolutely beyond rage if someone had told me such a huge lie.
"The likelihood is that Thomas is dead, Teagan. You did the right thing to call me. Just for the record, though. I still would have come, even if you'd told the truth.” His last sentence dripped with disappointment. For the giant he was, he looked almost vulnerable. Bartholomew had his faults, but he was proving himself to be a man who cared about me. He just had a funny way of showing it. He turned back towards the door again. His reaction to my lie wasn't what I expected. With my mouth still agape, I watched him move and willed myself to follow.
(c) L.T. KELLY 2014

About the author:

L.T. Kelly lives in Lincolnshire with her husband, two children, and an insane Cockapoo puppy named Mylo.
She is a lover of all things vampire, and is also a hopeless romantic.
L.T. Kelly had a successful twelve-year military career in the Royal Air Force. She now divides her time between being an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the ambulance service, being a mother and awife, as well as writing. It’s the writing that keeps her sane…

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