Friday, October 7, 2016

Surprise Release From Me! Check Out If You Can See Me

Hey, just in time for Halloween, I have a new book available now for pre-order on If you like your love stories with a paranormal twist and a dash of history sprinkled throughout, why not check out my newest book, If You Can See Me. Here are the deets:


Some curses stay with a family for generations...

Nate Bentley is a man on a mission. To rid himself of a house he considers a monstrosity before he falls victim to the curse that strikes all the men in his family before their thirty-fifth birthday. But two things stand in his way: a headstrong sister and a woman who can see spirits of the dead. just takes the right combination to break them...

Phaedra Delaney is the woman with the gift. To communicate with the dead. She is also the key to breaking the curse that has bound her family to the Bentley's for over a century. All she has to do is get a Bentley man to fall in love with her before he turns thirty-five. If only he didn't take an instant disliking to her upon their first meeting.

Destiny and determination collide when these two powerful people meet and their lives become inextricably entangled with those of their ancestors. Can they break the curse before Nate reaches his next birthday? Or will he fall victim to the same fate that claimed his father - and every male in the family for the past one hundred plus years?

Available for Pre-Order Here:

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